Aloe Leaf Extract

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Used for its healing properties for over 6,000 years, aloe vera has often been called the “immortality plant” by Ancient Egyptians. Over time, aloe vera, specifically aloe leaf extract, has been used to treat a variety of issues, from digestive intolerances to skin conditions to wound healing. Today, aloe leaf extract is a widespread favorite across the world. Here’s why.

What is aloe leaf extract? 

Aloe leaf extract comes from Aloe, a cactus-like plant that typically grows in dry and hot climates. Aloe produces two substances, gel and latex, both used for various kinds of medicine.

Aloe gel is clear, jelly-like, and harvested from the inner part of the aloe leaf while the latex comes from the plant’s skin.

What are the skin benefits of aloe leaf extract? 

There are so many reasons why aloe leaf extract is good for your skin. In fact, that’s why it’s been used for centuries as a regenerative skincare solution. 

Recent research demonstrates that aloe leaf extract may have anti-aging properties, though some of the most common reasons why aloe leaf extract is good for the skin include:

  • Antioxidant-rich: Fights off environmental aggressors for a fresh and bright complexion. 
  • Acne corrections: Accelerates healing of blemishes with polysaccharides, which stimulates cell regrowth to get rid of unwanted traces of acne breakouts. 
  • Aftersun properties: Features anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe your skin after prolonged sun exposure and sunburns. 
  • Hyaluronic acid production: Aloe vera encourages your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production, which increases the moisture in your cells for a plump and healthy complexion. 
  • Antiseptic effects: Contains salicylic acid, which helps prevent and eliminate traces of bacteria-caused pimples. 
  • Wrinkle and elasticity management: Rich in amino acids, aloe leaf extract can soften your skin cells, resulting in fewer wrinkles and increased elasticity. 

Some other studies have proved that aloe leaf extract can help with skin redness and skin cell dehydration, as well as psoriasis and dermatitis management, and collagen production.

Why is aloe leaf extract so good for my skin? 

Aloe leaf extract is so good for your skin in part because of the conditions in which it grows and lives. The aloe plant has to endure harsh and dry temperatures, and is effectively  forced to retain as much water as possible to survive. 

To that end, when the leaf is harvested, there is so much moisture in there that, when applied to your skin through skincare products that have been made in tandem with plant compounds like complex carbohydrates, can only deliver the same nourishing and life-preserving properties to your skin.

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