Bundle-Up Bundle

The seasons are changing and so is our Starter Kit! Introducing, our seasonal Bundle Up Kit! This ultra nourishing and protective bundle is filled with the best of the best hydrating and moisturizing products that we have. This 1-2-3 kit is simple and easy to use, so that your skin can stay flawless and protected during even the harshest of cold weather!


A sulfate-free daily face wash that gently cleanses & exfoliates, without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Suitable for all skin types, this cleanser is effective but gentle, making it perfect for the cold season!

Peptide Packed

Our Peptide Packed Dewy Toning Mist is oh so easy to use! You get the plumping and hydrating properties of our 2.6% peptide blend combined with 2.0% blue green algae extract in just a few spritzes. Use before your serums and anytime you need a quick skincare refresh! 


Our Cocoon Ceramide Rich Cream is packed with a 2.2% ceramide blend, along with a 17.0% lipid blend to deeply nourish, replenish and protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier from the cold elements!

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Our new bundle for colder weather. Each kit comes with our Daily cleanser, Peptide-Packed Toning Mist & Cocoon Ceramide Rich Cream Moisturizer.

Step 1: Wash skin daily with the Transparent Gentle Exfoliating Daily Cleanser.

Step 2: Close eyes and spritz generously from 6-8 inches away with the Peptide-Packed Dewy Toning Mist. Use as a toning treatment before serums & moisturizers, or to refresh and treat skin throughout the day.

Step 3: Apply the Cocoon Replenishing Ceramide Rich Cream to clean skin (after serums and before any oils).

Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. If skin irritation develops, please discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children.