Blue-Green Algae Extract

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Algae has been having a moment, but it’s safe to assume most people are more familiar with its endurance-boosting effects as the superfood supplement spirulina than its topical benefits. The microscopic organism known as “cyanobacteria” that’s present in many of our lakes, ponds and other bodies of water, blue-green algae has basically been around since the dawn of time (think: billions of years). When taken orally, it’s been known to to help with everything from depression to digestive issues. And guess what? It can also be a detox for your skin when applied topically, aiding in skin regeneration, helping clear your pores and even softening the appearance of lines.

What Are the Benefits of Blue-Green Algae Extract?

Similar to the much-buzzed-about plant-derived ingredient Bakuchiol, blue-green algae extract has been gaining traction in the skincare realm for its retinol-like benefits sans the harsh side-effects of retinol. This ancient powerhouse can work wonders when applied to the skin. Not only is it a great source of skin-strengthening antioxidants (that give it its blue-green tint), this pigment-rich marine algae is also packed with high concentrations of vitamins, proteins and essential amino acids, which, when combined, offer everything from rejuvenating, firming effects and to diminishing dark spots and evening skin complexion.

On top of giving your skin a lift by simultaneously boosting moisture and preventing water loss, it also helps to eliminate free radicals (which break down collagen) within the skin. So it’s perfect for dry-skin sufferers and pollutant-suffering city dwellers alike. Plus, because it’s water-based by nature, it’s easy on sensitive skin, too.

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