Cucumber Extract

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We’ve all had the experience of lying down with cucumber rounds on our eyes as a post-spa relaxation moment. Yes, cucumbers are used to refresh the eye area and deliver essential nutrients to the skin for a radiant glow. These nutrients, though, come from cucumber extract, the juice that the fruit produces. Find out more here. 

What is cucumber extract?

Cucumber extract comes from, well, cucumbers. In fact, the cucumber fruit secretes a juice and this juice is what we call cucumber extract.

Is cucumber extract good for my skin? 

Cucumber extract is good for your skin for a number of reasons because of its nourishing nutrients, including fatty acids, amino acids, and ascorbic acid. 

It’s most commonly used to help with sunburn management because of its cooling effects. That’s why some experts often recommend applying cucumber extract on your burn to help with pain and skin sensitivity. 

Secondly, cucumber extract is instrumental in managing the after-effects of acne breakouts. Its nourishing properties reduce signs of inflammation and irritation while restoring your complexion to its non-hyperpigmented beauty. 

Not only does cucumber extract help with acne breakouts and sun healing, but it also hones its antioxidant-rich composition to protect your skin more generally from environmental aggressors and minimize signs of aging. 

Above all, cucumber extract is perfect for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin, as it is gentle and soothing. That’s why so many aestheticians placed cucumbers over your eyes (the most sensitive part of your face).


Can I use cucumber extract daily? 

Of course! Using cucumber extract on a daily basis in fact helps you reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles over time in addition to addressing acute issues as they surface. 

And if you have the type of skin that requires regular exfoliation, you may want to consider using cucumber extract-based products to help with exfoliation-related irritation.

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