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Sun Smart: The Ultimate Guide to Applying Sunscreen for MAXIMUM Protection

As spring and summer roll around, it is important to keep our skin extra-protected! Whether you're hitting the beach or simply stepping outside for a quick errand, applying sunscreen correctly is crucial for safeguarding your skin against sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer. Here are some of Ghost's go-to tips for keeping your skin protected against the sun's rays! 

How much should I apply? 

As it turns out, most individuals don't apply enough sunscreen to get the promised benefits! In order to stay fully protected from the sun, it is recommended to apply about an ounce worth of sunscreen for your entire body. This is equivalent to about a handful or a shot glass full of sunscreen! 

As for your face, it is recommended to use two finger-lengths worth of sunscreen!

Prioritize the exposed areas of your body, and don't forget about the neck (especially the back!), your ankles, ears, and even your scalp! 

How often should I reapply?

Sunscreen is not a one-and-done kind of thing! We recommend reapplying sunscreen at least every two hours to ensure that your skin stays protected throughout your time outdoors. 

Additionally, you should begin applying your first layer of sunscreen about 15-30 minutes before going outdoors, as it takes around 15 minutes for your skin to absorb the sunscreen and all its benefits! 

What should I look for in a sunscreen?

There are a LOT of sunscreens out there, and it's hard to know where to start! 

Dermatologists recommend looking for sunscreens that have an SPF of at least 30. Additionally, look for one that has clean ingredients and does not leave a white cast! For an added bonus, look for waterproof sunscreens, especially if you will be out swimming. 

The takeaway...

Even on cloudy days, the sun is still out and its rays are still at work! Be sure to apply your sunscreen daily to keep your skin healthy and protected. Remember, sun protection is not just a seasonal routine—it's a year-round commitment to keeping your skin healthy and radiant. Stay sun smart and prioritize your skin's health with these sunscreen tips!

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