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Clean Skincare: What It Is And Why It Works

The terms used in skincare these days can be pretty overwhelming. If you've been in the skincare aisle of a Whole Foods anytime in the past decade, you'll have seen products labeled primarily labeled with terms like "organic" and "clean." But while all of these terms sound good, what exactly do they mean—and what really matters in terms of finding...

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Clean Beauty: What Exactly Is It And Why Does It Matter?

Clean. Natural. Green. Nontoxic. Organic. Much like with food, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by buzzwords when you’re buying beauty and skincare products. Perhaps you’ve heard you’re supposed to look for natural, organic ingredients and steer clear of things like parabens and phthalates. But decoding labels and marketing jargon isn’t exactly easy, especially when there’s a new article every day...

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5 Reasons You Should Choose Vegan Skincare Even If You're Not Vegan

You’re probably familiar with the many reasons people choose a vegan diet: They believe it’s better for their health; it’s great for the environment; they believe meat and dairy products are cruel to animals. Whether or not you agree with all of that rationale, you might not quite be ready or willing to commit to a drastic change in your...

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