Shoppers in Their 60s and 70s See Staggering Results From This Anti-Aging, Brightening Serum

Reviewers like it more than formulas 10 times the cost.
By Rachel Nussbaum


For as much as the beauty industry loves to play up glass skin, skincare products still tend to lack transparency (see what I did there? Please, hold your applause). Whenever I come across a product page that omits ingredients, disappointment strikes me anew that some brands don't think people care about what they're putting on their faces. Phenomenally, that's not the case with Ghost Democracy.

The brand champions the opposite approach, as one of the few skincare companies that lists each active ingredient's percentage right on the bottle. As a skincare lover, I appreciate them doing the most to show their cards — and according to shoppers, the brand's Floodgate Hyaluronic Acid Serum formula makes them look over two decades younger.

"This HA serum has enhanced my skin majorly," writes a 77-year-old who says a few weeks of the serum made them look like they're in their 50s again. "I thought my skin was nice, but this has done incredible things. It heals any minor irritation, smooths out my skin, MOISTURIZES."

Another person says they saw wrinkles shrink within a similar short time span, and a third in their 60s says their skin has never looked better. One more wrote that after giving it a go for a month, their wrinkles and large pores turned into plump, juicy skin. The results only increase over time: A fan who's used the Floodgate Serum for two years says it's gotten rid of their age spots, improved their fine lines, and left their complexion dewy.

"LOVE. I recently bought a serum from my dermatologist for $90, [and] I prefer [Floodgate Serum] over the more expensive one — not just because of the price, but how it feels on my skin and how it makes my skin feel," writes one shopper. Another says they saw a noticeable difference after only a week — skin firmed and fine mouth lines filled from the mix.

As the bottle elaborates, such results originate from a stacked cast of top-performing ingredients: moisturizing and plumping hyaluronic acid (HA), hyperpigmentation-fighting niacinamide, anti-inflammatory Linden flower extract, and white tea leaf extract, which packs a high concentration of protective antioxidants. Glycerin, a mild alpha hydroxy acid, and vitamin C-rich hibiscus extract round out the list for a blend so powerful, one person's facialist even remarked on the improvement in their skin.

Dermatologists are also on board with the formula. Dr. Mona Gohara, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale's School of Medicine, calls hyaluronic acid "a gift from Mother Nature," since it acts like a tiny sponge when applied, absorbing water and plumping up skin. "With time, HA declines and things start to sag. Using topicals with this as an active [ingredient] can give instant radiance and plump [the skin], and they may help to minimize fine lines as well."

A penultimate reviewer crowns it the best serum for wrinkles on sensitive, acne-prone skin, since the moisture doesn't come with breakouts and clogged pores. "I had been using a $300 hyaluronic acid that was one of the 'best' on the market, and was hesitant to switch to a lower price alternative," writes our final reviewer. "I found that Ghost Democracy was not only as good as the one I was using, but their ingredients are equivalent in performance and cleaner. My skin looks amazing, if not better, from switching."

Want $300 results at a tenth of the cost? Try it for yourself.